From the Ashes of Maya

Okay, so over the past week I’ve been attempting to go back and fix up my first shot, you know the one with the two old women in it talking about how you can’t kill people you don’t like? I decided to revisit it since I decided that I could probably improve it to a certain extent with some better acting choices for the characters. Problems started to occur when I first opened the scene, Female Malcolm’s head wasn’t animating according to the keys that I gave her, I had to reference the character and create a new reference of her just to get rid of the problem. Then, it would appear that there was a problem with one of the assets that I told Maya to get rid of and it was a background task as well, meaning that its been going on for a while and no matter what I did it would crash Maya over and over again. SO! I have started the scene completely from ground zero. Got rid of all the characters and made my own assets. This time however I decided that it would be for the best to not use Female Malcolm. So I changed up the intent of the scene as well and came up with a geeky idea that Mery would be Batgirl and Malcolm would be Joker. Same dialogue, but only cut down to only the first part of the dialogue. For the scene I figured that Batgirl would be at Arkham Asylum telling Joker off, once again.



The Joker


However, halfway through blocking out the movements and taking reference, I realized that I didn’t really have an action that I could have Mery Batgirl do that felt right in the context of the situation. So I decided that instead of Mery as Batgirl, I decided that it should be Mery as Dr. Harleen Quinzel (before she becomes Harley Quin).

Dr. Harleen Quinzel 


This allowed me to open up and think about what she could be doing as a doctor in the asylum. I ended up with this as my rough blocking.

I’m really looking forward to working on this shot, I can’t wait to continue working on this and taking it to final, this time hopefully with no problems.

….Knock on wood.

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