Establishing Failed to Send

So I’ve been kicking the idea around for a while now but I haven’t really sat down and done it, until now. You see, we’ve known Failed to Send’s story and setting so we’ve been familiar with the world and what our two characters are doing. However, after showing the short to a few choice people, I came to the realization that our short needs an establishing shot so that we can quickly set up our world and what our two guys are doing. So, after spending the day in Photoshop, After Effects, and several bad delivery service puns later, I’ve come up with a look and feel of the outside world for Failed to Send. Its kind of a swirling void looking world (rather bleak if I do say so myself) with these floating islands with structures on top of them. I chose a void look because I felt that this both helped the audience understand that this was a very different world as well as showing the monotony of these guys’ lives.

Here’s our Void:

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