BFA Gallery


Tonight is the night that the BFA Gallery opens up! I gotta say, its pretty insane seeing my work up on the walls of this gallery, I remember thinking that BFA was so far away and here I am at the very end of it. Its kind of scary actually. But! I have to say I’m quite happy with the pieces that I submitted for the Gallery. I finally completed my third shot (I had to go in and paint over some frames since the geometry broke in certain places) as well as finished editing together the first sequence of our short “Failed to Send” (which had a last minute name change and is now under the name “Capsule Catastrophe”). Here are said pieces!

Shot 03 “There’s So Many Layers” Final

“Capsule Catastrophe” First Sequence

I’m very proud of my team and everyone that is helping out on this short. Seeing the short and how far its come has been such a rewarding experience. If you’re reading this and you were part of the team, thank you so, so much for donating your time to help us put this short together.

I actually also had a print that I submitted to the gallery but unfortunately there wasn’t enough space for it so it was cut. I would also like to take the time to credit Jon Mandel for designing the characters for our short (he wasn’t credited on the prints that made it into the gallery).


There’s still much work in this last month, have to finish my new first shot and start and finish another shot…wooo this is gonna be rough but I know I can do it.

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