Here it is, the wee hours before my final. I’ve done quite a bit of work this week trying my best to animate as much as I can for my revamped first shot and my fourth shot. I have to say, I’m tired but I definitely feel like I’ve improved so much over the past couple months and I believe it shows in these shots. I’ve definitely also feel like I’ve been getting a better grasp on lighting in Maya as well. This past week has been filled with long nights and pestering people both in my class and those that have graduated to take a look at my shots and critique them so that I can push as far and as fast as I can. Anyways, I won’t draw this out any longer than it needs to be. Here are the final rendered versions of my revamped first shot and my last shot.

Shot 01 “Dr. Harleen” Final

Shot 04 “Serious Detective Work” Final

Now I gotta put all my shots together into a nice reel for my final class. No worries, this isn’t the final post by a long shot, I still have a short film to finish!

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